the suicidal dreamers 
the lowercase goths 
and new age hippies
the toxic lovers
the forgotten forget me nots 
the insecure narcissists 
and friendless friends of friends 

the we want change and nostalgia
so burn down the White House and give us back our gameboys!
the sarcastic punks who never believed in labels until now 
until labels made us feel unique 
the moral vampires 
who sleep at dawn 
and cast away the sun with our spells of dark mode 
and insomnia 

the anxieties 
not just a cool name for a band
a silent upset.
a period comes once a month,
a cycle,
where we turn into ghosts to preserve our sanity.
A premature mid-life crisis 
the pressure of becoming successful in your 20’s
where did all the cool decades go?
 now all we have left is aesthetic visuals and thrift shops
the years no longer shape shift.
only pass by with announcements.

the health maniacs
 vegan whores and skin care gurus
3pm wakers and midnight snack cravers
We never did convert to the religion 
of having 3 meals a day 
It was only our upbringing.
A balanced diet is a glass of self love 
followed by a plate of “why couldn’t that be me?”

the golden age of cringe
a humor so deflated it could pass for a condom.
the sex liberators 
the rock and roll politicians 
Nirvana was found in the bedroom of a teenage girl.
the buddhists were dismayed 
that she had managed to achieve enlightenment at seventeen.
though it’s literally not that hard 
like just use google

the best version of ourselves is not something we become 
it's something we post online 
in exchange for short doses of dopamine and heart eyes
though nobody knows why 
we were happier before the mobile phone addiction
before the need for a stranger’s validation 

the lost boys and girls of neverland
afraid to grow old & die young
though always wanting to die young & grow old
we may have lost our souls 
but at least we'll always have our pronouns
what we are cannot be undone
and what’s retro cannot be returned to 
so fuck reboots 
except the good ones

R.I.P blockbusters 
R.I.P Toys R Us
R.I.P to all the friends we lost to loneliness and depression
God lost a lot of good friends to drugs and sex feelings.