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I remember we were surfing the tides Thinking about living a lie or living a life worth living  If distance resigned would time fail to exist? or if matter was blind & light traveled with the weight of a thought that could think of nothing but how taste came from a salt Would it still […]

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It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. I’m not even thinking about sleeping, I’m thinking about what I had for breakfast this morning? A bowl of cereal and a kiwi. Great, so that’s why I can’t sleep. One meal a day was my usual but it often led to midnight cravings that kept me up at […]

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I sat outside the psychiatrist’s office playing Tetris on my Nokia 3310. Or maybe it was Snakes. I can’t quite recall. I was seated in one of those fabric, wooden chairs that visually testified comfort but like puffy white clouds those tales of softness were a short lived fallacy. It had only been 40 minutes […]

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